Pipe Relining

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Pipe Relining

Are there broken pipes or blocked drains on your property? Are you concerned about the amount of digging and costs that come with replacing them? With Jindabyne Plumbing’s pipe relining services, cracked/blocked pipes can be quickly addressed without a big mess on your property or a hit to your wallet.
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How does pipe relining work?

With our pipe relining services, a resin solution is used to create another pipe within the damaged one that’s strong enough to resist damage such as from tree roots while allowing your pipes to flow freely again. No extensive digging is required at any part of the process. 

If you’re also thinking about whether pipe relining is ideal over replacing your pipes, you’ll be pleased to know that the materials used are normally stronger than the materials in your pipes as they create a durable layer on the inside. To top that off, we offer a 25-year warranty, so you can rest assured that your pipes will remain protected and unblocked!

What to expect

  • We’ll use materials that are much more durable than your property’s PVC pipes when it comes to relining. As relined pipes are joint-free, damage from tree root growth is easily prevented later on.
  • The process takes minimal time and causes minimal mess.
  • No requirements for digging means that you won’t need to worry about damage to your home or garden

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