Blocked drains

Blocked drain plumbing

Blocked Drains

We’re sure we don’t need to tell you just how frustrating a blocked drain can be. What we’ll tell you though, is that Jindabyne Plumbing has over 15 years of plumbing experience and we’ll ensure your property’s drains are unclogged and flowing again! From pipe relining to utilising top-of-the-range plumbing equipment such as drain cameras and snakes, our blocked drain plumbing services are the premier choice for the Jindabyne locals.

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What are the symptoms of a blocked drain?

If you notice any of the following below, contact our plumbers for blocked drain repairs as soon as possible:

Nasty smells coming from your drain area

Water gurgling or coming up from your drain

Showers and toilets draining slowly

Water coming up from your sewer

What causes drains to become blocked?

We’ve come across all types of reasons that drains can become blocked in our 15 years of plumbing, including:

Foreign objects being flushed, an abundance of toilet paper, or hair stuck in your drain

Pipes damaged and blocked from the growth of tree roots

Blocked stormwater drains and gutters

Grease, oil, and food scraps in your drains

Frequently asked questions

While it might be tempting to resort to DIY solutions for blocked drain plumbing, there’s the potential to cause even more problems. For a proper solution when it comes to clearing your drains, contact our plumbers today and we’ll be at your property as soon as possible.

Tree roots can expand in your pipes through minor cracks, as moisture within pipes can attract them. As they grow, the roots will prevent your drains from flowing properly and will require a professional to address them.

If you want to prevent further blocked drains in the future, our no-dig pipe relining services are ideal for repairing your pipes. It’s quicker and cheaper than a complete pipe replacement, and our blocked drain plumbers will advise you if it is the best solution.

You can expect a stale and unpleasant smell if your drain is blocked, caused by water from the sewage line that isn’t being drained properly. Don’t endure bad smells from your drains, instead, call us for all blocked drain repairs today!

Prevention is always better than cure, and to ensure your drains don’t get blocked again, having them checked and maintained can help prevent various issues later on. You can also utilise a drain strainer in your kitchen sink while making sure you aren’t flushing foreign objects or pouring grease in the sink!

Blocked drain plumbing involves the use of tools such as water jets, plungers, drain snakes, CCTV, and chemicals. This ensures that the materials causing the blockage are efficiently identified and removed.

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